Residential Air Conditioning

Enjoy some luxury in your bedroom or throughout your home

Design, installation, service and maintenance for homes

Tired of those sticky summer nights?

Or looking to invest in your future with reduced energy bills?

Over the years we have seen more and more home owners looking for smarter ways to heat and cool their homes. Newman have responded by forming a dedicated team to advise and deliver to residential clients. We have installed systems ranging from a single wall mounted unit in bedrooms through to complete cooling, heating and domestic hot water applications in multi storey townhouses.

Air conditioning your home has never been more cost effective since the widespread introduction of the heat pump. Heat pumps use the air conditioning cycle in reverse during winter months providing the highest energy efficiency heating for your home. In more recent years this technology has advanced extensively and the heat pump can also be used for providing domestic hot water.

This technology is so impressive that the government have introduced a tax benefit incentive for homeowners who invest in air to air source heat pumps.

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luxury in your bedroom
Beautiful bedroom

Benefits for you and your home:

  • A+++ energy rated equipment
  • 3-5 year warranties as standard
  • Up to 7 year warranties available
  • 5% VAT on all new installations
  • Government incentive schemes
  • Sleek, modern and invisible units available
  • No more sticky summer nights
  • Healthier air for you and your family
  • Leading manufacturers
  • Newman are experts at heating & cooling homes
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